Wool Flannel Plaid Stitches Medium Grey/Light Green/Black/Ivory, Fabric by The Yard $1397$17.36. 6. Merino Wool. Often used in long underwear or winter wear, it can also be a good summer fabric; early generations of wool were scratchy; today’s merino wools are quite soft. Pros: Breathes well, wicks moisture and is available in lightweight. Dark Gray/ Black Wool Bordered Houndstooth Jacketing Fabric. Item Number: APS00551. -Wool blend textured houndstooth jacketing woven with a bordered stripe design-Weight: Medium-Transparency: Opaque-Hand: Dry-Stretch: No Stretch-Drape: Good Drape-Luster: Low Luster-End Uses: Jackets, Coats, Heavy Suiting, & more-Compare to $30.00/yd.

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